The aspiring Space Traffic Manager's Handbook

Night sky

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey through space? If so, the Space Traffic Manager's Handbook is your perfect introductory guide!

This popular science book opens the door to knowledge about space objects, space traffic management, and potential solutions to their present challenges.

As you may already know, many human-made objects are orbiting the Earth, and more are launched monthly. The universe is their playground and may seem infinite, but gravitational forces and communication capabilities restrict human reach. Ensuring these objects don't collide and are repairable or disposed of is a huge challenge that has grabbed the attention of many and is becoming an essential element of space policies.

Our spacefaring future depends on finding a sustainable way forward. So, if you're curious about space objects, space debris and their challenges, the Space Traffic Manager's Handbook is the perfect place to start!

The book is available for pre-order on the websites of most online retailers. The official launch day is 29th February 2024.

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About the author:

When Cristian was just a curious kid in Eastern Europe, he would gaze up at the night sky and watch the specks of light move like distant spaceships. As he grew older, the world opened troves of knowledge to him through computers and the internet. But the access to nascent public space-tracking software fueled his curiosity, generating even more questions. How do things stay in space? Are there rules for space traffic? And why don't all countries have a space industry? As answers started to appear and his passion turned into a job, he knew he had to share his knowledge with others. And so, he poured his heart into a book that would inspire and educate anyone who looked up at the stars and wondered.