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Space Traffic Manager game

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Embark on a thrilling cosmic adventure as the Space Traffic Manager! Your mission is to navigate in the Earth orbit, performing specialised missions to repair satellites, de-orbit rocket stages, and recycle space debris to ensure the safety of astronauts and spacecrafts. Will you rise to the challenge and become the ultimate orbital guardian?

The Earth's orbit is today becoming cluttered with satellites, old rocket stages and various space debris. When equipment malfunctions in the cold, unforgiving void of space, it's your expertise that astronauts rely on.

Keep a keen eye on the orbital paths to prevent collisions and ensure smooth space traffic flow.

Use your piloting skills and launch blue drones to repair satellites, red drones to deorbit old rocket stages and yellow drones to recycle space debris. Each type of drone is launched with the corresponding colour coded button.

The missions contain a number of objectives that you as pilot must achieve, keeping in mind that even if one space object escapes, it will generate a chain reaction in orbit and will lead to mission failure regardless of completing other objectives. The Kessler syndrome does not forgive!

Every time a correct drone reaches the mission target, 1 point will be added to your score. If the wrong drone is used, there is no effect on the targeted space object.

You can control the movement of the spaceship with the joystick located on the lower left side of the screen. To avoid space objects and line up for launching the drones the ship can only move up and down.

The game ends at Mission 10 and your high score will be recorded as an average of the last 10 games.

Thank you for keeping the Earth's orbit clean!

Download for Android           Download for iOS

Known game issues and fixes:

On some mobile phones, ending mission 10 will cause the game to return to the start screen and freeze. The only known solution is to restart the game.

On some mobile phones, failing a mission and starting a new game will bring the player back to the level and unable to finish that level as the mission will no longer end once the required number of objectives is reached. This will lead to a never ending mission, good for scoring but boring. The only known solution is to restart the game.

The issues above will be fixed in the next version of the game. Thank you for your patience.